By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Lona started as a Cubbie 8 years ago and just completed her 3rd year in TNT.  She has one more year left in Awana.  In all that time I've been part of the Awana program except for 1 year.  This was my last year.  I'm moving on to help with something else.  It has been such a great program for all of our kids but for Lona she absolutely loves it.  She bonds with her leaders and the other girls.  She tries to go all out on the theme nights, which is every night. Some of the themes were crazy hair night a couple of times, dress like your parents, hearts night, wheelie dealie night and lots more. Sometimes she would get frustrated when I reminded her to work on Awana but other times it seemed as though she was driven to finish.  She finished her book and worked on both Gold and Silvers but ended up finishing her Silvers only.  The Gold and Silvers are extra work that kids can do.  Some of them are activities and some are memorizing more verses.  For the last three years or so we brought other kids with us and this year was no exception.  It is always fun to have more kids in the van than just Lona and I.  Every Awana night, they play games, say verses, listen to a story with a messge, say the pledge, and sing.  Sometimes she gets up with the other kids and helps lead the songs.  For awards night, she  led the pledge to the American Flag and the Awana flag.  Her friend Nate said the opening prayer.  Next year will be our last year ever.  Sad and happy thought.  It takes a lot of work   each week for the whole school year.

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