Teen Driver

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Well, it happened.  We have a teen driver, permit only.  It was a relatively painless process.  Fork out a bunch of money, find all the official paperwork I have for the child who thinks he's an adult, fork out some more money, and spend time at the Department of Licensing.  He went to the counter to receive his number and then wait for his number to be called.  Once called he had to bring all of his official paperwork, including the online application number, and money.  I learned that under pressure, he can't remember how to write a cursive "r".  Hmm, and they readily agreed to give him a permit.  Oh joy.  Then wait some more to have his picture taken.  Actually we were in an out in about 20 minutes.  Not bad.  I pulled into Cornwall Church so Isaac could "practice" in their parking lot before heading out on the street.  After 20 minutes in the parking lot  there was no way he was going to be able to drive on the street especially at 45 mph.  It really didn't take 20 minutes to figure it out, it was just that 20 minutes was all I could handle with him behind the wheel.  The parking lot was mostly empty, thankfully.  He had to learn to turn both left and right, if there would have been cars in the lot he would have taken out 10 of them turning.  Then stopping on a hill wasn't the best idea.  The car started to roll back when he let off the brake and he panicked by stepping on the gas.  There was a brick wall directly in front and he slammed on the breaks.  Finally it was time to go home and drove through a stop sign.  I am so happy that it was just a church parking lot.  I drove on the actual road home.  It's going to be a long year.  I think I should apologize in advance to his teachers.  Can he do this?  Can I do this?  I think I may need to see my hair stylist more often during this process.  A day of mixed blessings.

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