November 2013 Thankful

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, December 01, 2013

Well, I have to say that I started out with great intentions of recording what we were thankful for each day.  I would ask the kids at breakfast before they headed out for school, or at the dinner table.  I dutifully recorded each and every answer until around the middle of the month.  Then I think that the kids and John started to get bored with it.  They just couldn't come up with anything.  I wanted any thing.  My plan was to make a book with all the things we were grateful for.  Things that we normally would take for granted but when we stopped and thought about it, we were thankful for.  It just didn't work.  It seems like this happens a lot to me.  My family just doesn't have my vision and if they start out playing along by the end they kind of poo-poo it and start making fun.  I should have just done it myself.  In September, I did a month of what I learned and really enjoyed it.  They just didn't enjoy it as much as I thought they would.  I photographed as much as I could.  I really wanted a uniform look to it so I used my lightbox.  So here is my photographic journey of thankfulness from the Parks Family.  So here is our list:
slippers, wet wipes, blankets, cereal, pjs, dogs, Pandora, indoor soccer, hoodies, sleep, coffee, computer mouse, ping pong, sleep overs, home family movies, xbox live, xbox, books, warm bed, pinterest, legos, socks, forgiveness, snare drum, wife cooking dinner, free coffee, substitute teachers, internet, pants, affection from wife, a quiet home, shin guards, friends, Skagit, Staying here, people, camera, done with referee, toy cars, kids that go to church, coffe dates for breakfast, spoons, my dad having a pulse, soccer, M&Ms, big biceps, books, nail polish, wife started coffee on Friday mornings, glasses of wine, bus ride home, computer programming software, video games, futsal, Molly Heiser, shipping, windows, music, indoor soccer, being done with school, candy. Llama song, toilet paper, vacuum cleaner, priate era, fireplace, Pandora, fruit trees, running shoes, soccer, good deals at Old Navy, couches, rainbow loom, easy to clean up paint, crafts, nerf guns, soccer uniforms, skinny cows, soft foods, Netflix, running, travel coffee mugs, cookies, blow dart guns, happiness.  It was surprising who was thankful for what.  I couldn't photograph everything but instead choose one thing from each day. 

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