Maui Adventure #1

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What an opportunity that John and I had.  We spent 5 days in Maui, Hawaii.  Its been something that John has wanted to do for a while.  Last Christmas we were given a 7 night stay at a resort in a place of our choosing.  We are so grateful for that.  We started thinking of the places we wanted to visit and decided upon Maui.  We booked our resort in August for February.  I looked at the calendar and tried to plan for everything that could possibly come up during the weeks we were looking at.  We needed to go before outdoor soccer season started.  It just seems like the summers here can be nice and there are so many activities during the spring and fall.  By the time February comes around, we are tired of the rain and the cold (it's not that cold) that we are ready for some sun and fun.  Little did we know that our football team would make it to the Super Bowl.  Little did we know that our flight would be scheduled right during the game.  However what appeared to be a negative was actually a positive.  A couple of weeks before we were scheduled to fly out, we were notified that our flight was moved an hour later.  While at church the day of, we were notified of another two hour delay.  I had already called the condo saying that we would not be in until the 2nd even though our reservations started on the 1st but we were coming.  I also said that we would be late arriving.  No problem I was told there was someone there from 8:30 to 2 am and we wouldn't have a problem.  Since the Super Bowl started at 3:30 and our plane didn't leave until 6:45 we were able to watch the first half of the game at home and then most of the second half in the airport.  We missed the last five minutes and even then the pilots kept us updated. We hadn't even pulled away from the on ramp before they announced the final score.  The passengers cheered.  That was neat.  We didn't arrived in Maui until after 11pm.  We picked up our bags, were some of the last people to catch the bus to rental car agency, and the very last one to get a car.  That meant that even though we reserved a sedan, they were out.  Even here, what could have been a negative turned to a positive.  We were the last people, she wanted to go home, they had given a mini van to the last few couples but to us she gave us a Ford Expedition.  That was wonderful!  I drive a minivan on vacation and well, I was on vacation which meant that I didn't want a minivan.  We excitedly hoped into our vehicle and drove to the other side of the island in the dark.  We arrived at our condo about 1 am.  John pulled up to the front desk.  Here we go inside to the front desk, there the front desk is outside and they use laptop computers.  Smart.  There was a sign on the desk, "the security guard is on his rounds, if you are checking in pick up the phone and let them know you are here."  I followed the instructions and within 10 minutes the security guard showed up and asked me what I needed.  I told him who we were and that we wanted to check in.  He grabbed his clipboard and asked my name and looked through the clipboard.  Then he asked if there was another name to look under.  Nope, I showed him our paperwork and he said that the date was the 2nd and not the 1st as on the paperwork.  I explained that I had called and was told, no problem.  He kindly told me that since I wasn't on the list and he was just the security guard, he didn't have the authority or ability to give us a room and we could come back when the front desk opened at 6am.  It was 1:30 Maui time, we had been up since 4:30 am the previous day Maui time and were exhausted.  I asked if we could park our rig in the parking lot and sleep there.  John was mad.  We had done something like this before on an island when we forgot the tent and slept out under the stars.  We found a place that was semi dark, and since it had two bench seats in the back, John took one and I took the other and we slept.  That was Maui adventure #1.  We should have known that our vacation would be full of adventures and it was.  What could have been a negative turned out to be a positive.  We were able to check in at 6 am, and they have promised to refund two nights since I had called and they messed up.  Again, luckily for us the night was warm, in fact John needed to open the windows because he was too hot.  We didn't need blankets and the car alarm didn't go off.  We had a rig that could accommodate us even though we were supposed to have a smaller car.  Negatives turned to positives over and over and over again.  Live spontaneously when you have to.

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