New Sport: Mat Rat

By Leslie Parks - Friday, February 14, 2014

Job can be an adventurous kid and has decided to try a new sport.  He is wrestling and loving it.  The day they gave him his gear he was in 7th heaven.  He came home and immediately tried on his singlet, the hoodie, the shorts, the head gear, all of it.  He talks about the moves he learns, he practices them.  He's also 13 pounds lighter than any kid on the wrestling team.  He's looking forward to the day that he can take Isaac down.  It will be a while but with 100 push ups each practice he'll get there.  I loved cheering for wrestling in high school and am looking forward to cheering him on with this new sport.  I think it might be one of the toughest sports, of course to be good they all require toughness and dedication.  However pitting yourself against another person in strength, endurance as well as the mental game is tough.  There isn't anyone else you can rely on.  If you win or lose, you do it on your own.  There maybe seasons of loses before a pin. There are hours of training and watching weight to gain or usually to lose.  It's an extremely tough sport and I can not understand in the least why the Olympics decided not wrestling as a sport.

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