Snorkeling with Trilogy

Originally we had planned to do our snorkeling trip on Tuesday but they called us on Sunday before we left to reschedule due to expected inclement weather on Tuesday.   I had really wanted to drive to the Haleakala Summit and watch the sunrise but it just never did work out. We moved into our room around 6 am, unpacked and got ready for our snorkeling trip.  We had breakfast and some much needed coffee. Then we changed into our swimsuits, grabbed the rest of our gear and packed a day bag.  We were out the door by 9 am and walking towards our meeting point for the snorkeling with Trilogy.  We boarded the boat and within minutes of sailing they were passing out cinnamon rolls.  We had a little safety talk and then the whales showed up.  We would slow down and watch until they passed and then we moved on.  This was the standard procedure until we arrived at the island of Lanai.  We ate the whole way to island.  We ate and watched whales.  It was great.  Once on the island we were shuttled to a beach area, where we were given grass mats, snorkel gear and another safety talk, and more snacks.  John and I immediately went out snorkeling and the water was clear and the fish and corral were beautiful.  We saw Yellow Tang, Moorish Idols, Black Durgon, Convict Tang, Red Pencil Urchin, Orangeband Surgeon Fish, and others that I haven't been able to identify.

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