Snow days

Last week the boys had to make up school for the day off they had in December due to snow.  The following Monday was another potential make up day for weather but they took it off for President's day.  This week Monday and Tuesday are snow days.  Here in the Pacific Northwest they just don't have the equipment for snow removal nor do they have the experience of driving in the snow.  Another thing here is the freezing rain that makes everything super slick because of the black ice.  Schools close and the town shuts down.  I love that about here.  At first it drove me crazy but now with the business of life, I love the coziness and spontaneity it brings.  Sunday we hunkered down at home.  Lona was at a friend's house and we chatted back and forth via text or facetime. John tried to pick up our boat that was supposed to be moved from one storage area to another and then took over an hour to pick up Lona from her friend's house but otherwise he played on the xBox with Isaac.  I love the bonding time that they have together.  At Isaac's age, I really feel that he needs to do activities with us that he's interested in.  Job had a friend over and I didn't really see them.  They were outside and busy. I was busy, busy playing that is. The hot cocoa bar went outside for any kid who needed to warm up and I made a sign to go with it.  I had a fridge full of food and so I made peanut butter cookies, finished my chocolate mint macarons, made homemade pizza dough, started the dough for homemade artisan bread, biscuits for breakfast and scrambled eggs, mini apple pies, and started the hamburger browning in the crockpot.  Then in the afternoon, I shoveled the walks for four different houses and took the dog over to the church while Job and Lona (who came home) built snow tunnels over there.  The dog accompanied us and made snow dog angels.  That night we used the pizza dough to make our own pizzas.  The kids loved it and asked when they could do it again.  Monday the soreness of shoveling came to haunt me and I have realized that I don't use those muscles often enough.  There is always something to keep me humble.  However I did get to try homemade marshmallows, baked up the bread from the dough I made the day before, and homemade chicken noodle soup.  The fridge is now stocked and I don't have to make anything until maybe Friday when we are bored of eating the same thing. I have come to realize that I love taking photos of food.  I love the baking and then trying to style it.  I love using the light coming in from my one kitchen window.  I love the dark moody photos that I get.  My stuff isn't perfect like professional stylists but to me they evoke a homey cozy feel.  I'm on the look out for small pieces of granite and floor board for backdrops.  I'm looking for small bowls, saucers, and cups along with vintage tea towels.  I'm having fun.  So when I baked for two days, it was for play and not for any other reason.  It was so that I could take photos.

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