The Oregon Trail and a Commercial

Job was assigned a project to do on the Oregon Trail.  He brought home a piece of paper with the requirements for writing a brochure about the Oregon Trail.  It had to have an appropriate title and the author's name, an introduction and validate himself as an experienced traveler.  It needed a list of dos at least two sentences for each do and a list of don't with at least two sentences for each don't.  It needed to be illustrated and include a map with check point.  He explained to me that he wanted to make a movie.  I'm reading the instructions and it says brochure.  He proceeds to explain that she said to be creative and that they didn't have to make a brochure, just be creative.  I'm looking at his assignment sheet thinking she wants sentences so Job wrote a screen play.  He had the requirements in it and then we went out to film it.  Isaac was volunteered to play the role of Balaam the Donkey, Lona was Sara Conner the single gal, Job was George McFly part of Parker Jobison's trail crew.We drove out to the road that leads to the county shop and unloaded our set.  John drove up to help us out which was such a blessing because it was so windy and our covered wagon kept blowing over.  A little into our filming a Sheriff Deputy showed up and we invited him to jump into our film, which he totally did.  We love that it was hilarious.  So a big shout out goes to the Sheriff Department and their wonderful deputies.  Job then came home and worked hard on putting it all together.  Since it was so windy he had to do voice overs at home.  I love that he included some behind the scenes and bloopers.

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