Maui Adventure Day 3

Our Day 3 was a beach day, mostly.  We went to Poolenalena Park.  When we arrived there was a gal setting up a wedding.  We might be in some photos, sorry.  We were trying not to be but we were snorkeling.  Sorry.  We were out there snorkeling and had peaked our head up above water to chat.  When I looked down there was this sea turtle swimming right under my feet.  I screamed out to John and we followed the turtle quite a ways.  It would swim close to me as I was next to it and I was constantly trying to stay next to it but not touch it.  Then I backed off and it turned it's head and looked right at me.  It was amazing.  Unfortunately we were not adept at using our camera yet and so had no photos of that.  It was still absolutely amazing.  Talk about a highlight of my trip.  We stayed there a good portion of the day relaxing in the sun, and swimming.  Jim and Dawn told us that they bring a soft sided cooler to the beach so I had packed one from home and we filled that each day with pop, snacks and beer.  I enjoyed it so much.  In the afternoon we decided to jump into our rig (because it was that big) and see what was at the end of the road.  Lava, lot and lot of lava at the end of the road.  You could see where the lava came from and how it flowed toward the ocean.  It was incredible.  Job wanted to know if we saw real lava, we did but not molten lava - wrong island.  The variety of plant life from one side of the island to other was amazing.  The day before it was lush and jungle the north east side.  This day was dry and had cactus and palm trees.  We weren't that far away.  That night we had reservations for a magic show at Warren and Anabelles.  Unfortunately Warren wasn't there and there were two magicians (comedians) who were standing in for him.  I had heard wonderful things about the place.  We arrived around 7:30 and were ushered into a room where we had to show our IDs.  Then shown into a closet with about 4 other couples.  We had to find the secret door to be shown into the parlor.  Once in the parlor we ordered our drinks and had our appetizers brought to us while Anabelle the ghost played the piano.  After enjoyed our food and drinks we were then ushered into the room where we watched the magic show.  I have to say that it was wonderful.  If we ever go back, then I would love to go here again.  It was pricey but worth it.

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