Maui Adventure Day 2

With the torrential downpour all night, there was a red alert for flash flooding at Lahaina where we were staying.  It was obviously a car trip kind of day and what better car trip than the Road to Hana.  Starbucks soon became our first stop each day as it was only a few blocks from our hotel. We did drink coffee and have breakfast in our room but having a Carmel Macchiato each day is part of vacation. We drove north and purchased the Road to Hana DV.  It took us a while to realize that the mile markers were for two different sections of the road.  It started over after mile marker 16.  That was kind of confusing.  It took us a little while before we got the gist of that.  One thing that we didn't do that we both wish we had was the Garden of Eden.  John is a plant guy and likes to check out botanical gardens to learn about the local plants.  There was a suggested hike on the way that pull over and took.  The bamboo was amazing, it was so thick and tall.  I've never seen bamboo like this.  The book, Maui Revealed, described four beautiful waterfalls with pools that we could swim in.  However remember the rain from the night, well those affected the waterfalls, the pools and the streams that we had to cross.  When we came to the first waterfall the book talked about crossing over but it was actually the second waterfall not the first.  The beautiful pools were a mess of muddy brown water.  It was still an adventure.  After about an hour or more we returned to our car and drove maybe 100 feet down the road before we came to these Rainbow Eucalytpus Trees. I want one so bad.  They are beautiful.  The colors are so vibrant.  I had no idea this ever exisited.  Then we drove to a peninsula where I awed by the color and power of the water as it crashed over the lava rocks.  This side of the island is a tropical jungle.  We stopped, petted ponies, ate Hawaiian Shaved Ice and bought banana bread. Most of the houses were placed on cinder blocks and above the ground anywhere from 1 to 6 feet.  Back on the road, our next stop was to look over the peninsula.  The fields reminded us of what Vietnam is portrayed like.  Another person made the same comment.  The power of the media and movies.  We stopped at an outdoor market but I thought it was scary.  We moved on to the Blue Pool but that had been closed to the public so we stopped at some botanical garden.  It was someone's overgrown back yard that had been mowed but not kept up.  We soon became caught in another downpour and ran for our rig.  Our last stop was Wa'ainapanapa Park.  There was this cave in which a princess hid from her husband..  However he discovered her and killed her.  Once a year the pool turns red from the krill.  We jumped in like everyone else.  Later in the week, I learned of a secret pool under the rocks and water that is the room she hid in.  Of course I youtubed it and was extremely bummed to have missed out. It was such a wonderful day.  We didn't get to any more waterfalls which is something we both want to do.  I would love to swim under a waterfall.  It's our to do list.

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