We've had two wrestling meets so far.  The first meet John and I were on pins and needles.  It's hard watching your boy wrestle.  I mean he's out there pitting his strength against someone else.  That someone else is well hurting my kid so that he can pin him.  It's hard.  The first meet there wasn't anyone for him to wrestle.  He weighed in at 67 pounds.  The next lightest kid at the meet was a kid on his team who was 88 pounds.  Job is a lightweight.  So he couldn't wrestle for team points.  He could only wrestle exhibition style with our permission and the other kid's permission and his coach's permission.  When you are wrestling someone 20 to 30 % more than your body weight it's a big deal.  We of course immediately gave permission for Job to wrestler.  His first time wrestling, the boy pretty much just laid down on him and he couldn't move.  A quick flip and he was pinned.  The second meet went better.  His first opponent had been wrestling for 3 years and was skin and muscle.  However Job held his own.  He is good at doing this superman move, at least that's what I call it.   He lifts his head up while on his stomach and stretches his arms and legs out.  The boy couldn't roll him over.  In fact it took him until the last 10 seconds of the match to pin him.  Then his last opponent he was quickly mowed over.  Isaac said that he was in bed less than 2 minutes before he was asleep that night.  He is learning so much.

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