Bonfire = Spring

By Leslie Parks - Monday, March 10, 2014

Well we had our first bonfire of the season which marks the beginning of good weather. It's always special and terrifying at the same time.  Job wanted to build a bonfire and John said if he wanted it he would have to build it.  He soon roped Lona into being his accomplice and off they went with newspapers and sticks.  They soon had the paper on fire but the wood eluded them.  A few smaller sticks and a little strategic air flow and their bonfire was up and running. Perfect for eating those marshmallows I made a little while ago.  They ate their s'mores, brought over the outdoor chairs so they could sit around and poke the fire with flaming sticks. That is always the part that sends me back indoors.  I sat comfortably in front of my computer with a quiet house processing photos while they were outside and Isaac was doing homework.  What a perfect evening.

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