Welcome March

Just a little color to help welcome in the new month. I purchased a silver water pitcher and had ideas of putting peonies in it. These look just as nice. I have visions of lilacs in it as well as soon as they bloom here. I think that I may be looking at Goodwill and Value Village a little bit more for fun unmatched bowls, plates, pitchers and cups. I have really enjoyed taking photos of food and am trying to branch out to flowers as well.  I want to finish up this cookbook that I'm working on. I am also taking another online photography class that I'm really looking forward to.  The crocuses and tulips are coming up in the lawn and that makes me happy. March also signals the beginning of outdoor soccer.  Isaac has been having tryouts and is usually covered in mud when I pick him up.  Job is still wrestling and getting pinned but not discouraged. John may or may not be coaching, we have to wait and see.  Lona has been practicing and I think this next week her practices are going to be longer than just 1 hour. So it is our run around time.  I pick Job and a friend up on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 4:30.  I pick up Isaac at 4:45 most days and drop Lona off at 5:00 on Monday and Tuesday.  It works only because they are so close together.  It does make it hard to do fun things like go to the Tulip Fields but we'll try. I've also been running with a friend two days a week.  We run with Lona and one of her daughters once a week.  I'm hoping the girls will do a 5K together maybe this summer. I'm trying to get 3 million steps for the BP Challenge so I've been in full swing with that.  I need about 10,000 steps a day on my fit bit. Some days I can get more and some days less.  It all depends on if I go to the store or if I run that day.  So that in a nutshell is where I'm at this time in my life.

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