Indoor soccer comes to an end

I wish I had pictures of Isaac playing indoor but for some reason I have none.  I'm not sure if I went to one of his games. I really think that wrestling has helped Job be more aggressive in indoor soccer and Lona had the opportunity to play on Job's team once when they were down players.  She loved it and worked so well as a mid fielder with Job.  They just seemed to be able to anticipate what the other was thinking.  It was a joy to watch.  I wish they had more of an opportunity to do so.  However the indoor season has come to an end.

It's with mixed feelings.  Sad because my time viewing soccer inside although not any warmer is being replaced by enduring the breeze and wetness on the soccer field.  Happy because I no longer need to make trips to south Bellingham three or four days a week for games.  It is now onto the outdoor season of soccer and reffing.  Both Job and Lona still enjoy reffing but Isaac is looking forward to something different.  He doesn't like the flack he gets from parents, players and coaches. So now instead of traveling to Bellingham, I'm dropping off and picking kids up from the soccer fields and soccer practices.  Luckily for me they are all practicing at the high school and playing at the soccer fields.  It does get a little tricky with Isaac reffing select games either at Lummi, WWC or Civic but he takes two games back to back which helps with the driving.

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