Well, Job finished the wrestling season with his best match ever.  He was so excited and it was against his own teammate who is 20 pounds heavier than he is.  That doesn't seem like much but when it's 30% of his body weight, it is actually a lot.  He has been pinned at every match.  Every match his opponent out weighs him.  Every match he works as hard as possible.  This time though it was different.  A pin is when the shoulders touch the mat, both shoulders.  The wrestlers score points by taking their opponent down to the ground, or reversing positions, an opponent having a rule violation, and losing or taking control of the other wrestler.  In Job's very last wrestling match of this year, Job lasted all three rounds which are 1 1/2 minutes each.  He lost by points which is a technical pin.  He came off the mat just beaming.  This wrestling season has been great for him.  When asked which he likes better, wrestling and soccer, he had a hard time coming up with a choice.

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