Tenant Lake

Can spring come fast enough for me?  I'm not sure it can.  On this day I had planned to go to the tulip fields to work on photographing during high sun time between 11 am and 1 pm. It's hard to do in the Pacific Northwest where we receive more days of cloud cover than sun. But I was hoping for blue skies, vibrant tulips and of course sun.  I had two of the three. The tulips weren't in bloom yet so I settled on Tenant Lake instead.  The house is a great place for photos as is the lookout tower and my kids have been supportive as I work my way through various types of light. Well, two of the three have been. I went back through the blog and the last time I took photos here was last year in January with the fog.  It's amazing how different the place looks in the sun. Then before that it was April of 2010.  The kids have grown and so has my photography. I am just amazed at the difference. I like going back and reminiscing.

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