Maui Adventure Day 5

By Leslie Parks - Friday, March 07, 2014

This was our last full day here.  We thought about trying the South West beaches but when arrived in the morning it was starting to sprinkle.  So we went back to our favorite beach, Maluaka Beach.  We rented snorkeling gear for me here because the gear I had brought hurt the bridge of my nose.  Investing in good gear is important so that you can stay out longer.  We walked over to Makena Landing and entered the water there.  I scrapped my knuckle on a rock when a wave rolled me.  If I had been a little farther out, I would have been fine.  This area was full of coral and fish.  We decided to swim out a ways and then back over to the beach we had placed our stuff.  Along the way we saw a turtle and turned to follow it.  As we were diving down to look we could hear the whales singing.  It was such an amazing sound.  It makes me so happy and in awe to think back upon it.  While swimming it would seem that we were at least a 1/4 mile away from shore but the coral would only be 2 feet from the surface.  Every once in a while I would get nervous about the waves pushing me into the coral.  I never felt like I was going to sink or not be able to make it back to shore but I did like having John within my site.  It just felt better.  I don't think that I'd be one for snorkeling alone.  We went out a couple more times but not as far and then it just started pouring on us.  It wasn't a little sprinkle, it was a down pour.  We quickly ran over to our rig, threw everything in the back, washed off as much sand as we could, ate a quick snack under cover of the rig, returned our gear and headed back to the hotel.  One thing about Maui is that things don't dry off, they stay damp for a long time.  We ended up going to a laundromat to dry all of our stuff before packing them up to go home.  Then we drove to the West to walk around the shops and have dinner along the boardwalk.  Not much of a sunset but with all the clouds and overcast skies there wasn't much all week.  However it was just nice to have no agenda and to be that spontaneous for the week.

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