Still in Love

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, March 09, 2014

He's 13 1/2 and still in love.  He developed this love affair at a very young age.  In fact I think he was still in diapers.  It has grown stronger through out the years and even now there isn't a day that he doesn't spend time with his first love: Legos.   I really think that they help him have down time. They impart a calming and creative environment for him and are the perfect toy for him.  We used to have Isaac build with his Legos in the bathroom because Job loved them so much.  This gave Isaac some time without Job messing them up.  As Job got older, we moved the Legos to our china hutch.  Job would then spread all the Legos out under the dinning room table.  Then they outgrew the china hutch and we moved them to the family room where they reside to this day.  He still loves to build with them and often times on Saturday mornings it's the first thing he does, pull out his Legos.  Isaac's love of Legos has dwindled and then morphed into a love for his Xbox but I doubt that Job will out grow his love of Legos.  And why should he, they are the perfect engineering toy.

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