An outing: Semiahmoo

I sat against a sunbleach log with my feet in the sand as I looked out towards the Sound. The kids were turning over rocks looking for treasures such as crab, sand dollars and the occasional sea glass. The dog ran all over the rocky beach with his nose in over drive exploring, excited and full of life. I sat there with my magazines, books, camera, and my knitting and I took a deep breath. I sat there thinking that this was what I needed.  I needed to breathe, I needed to feel the rhythm of the ocean as the waves lapped the shore.  In Oregon, the waves crash and roar even on calm days but here in the sound, the waves are gentle and quiet on calm days. The kids explored the coast line and carved their names in a clay cliff, I soaked up the sun, quiet and content. The kids climbed boulders that were previously underwater as the tide went out. I prayed for my family, my friends, my year. The kids talked and laughed and I thought and I breathed.  This school year I want to take more time to breathe deep, enjoy the small simple things, to be grateful for each gift whether that gift is a couple hours at the shore or a morning of coffee with a friend or a clean empty sink. I thought about being more purposeful in my daily life to enjoy the little things and to breathe. It was a good day and I came home refreshed.

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