Muds to Suds

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last year Lona was proactive in doing muds to suds and she really wanted to participate in it again. Job's wrestling team was participating in it so I signed both of them up to run it together. It was a typical west coast day, foggy and overcast.  Perfect for slogging through mud and ice water, climbing over obstacles, running through a container of soap suds and then weaving through rope strung through trees before ringing the bell at the finish line.  Last year we signed up too late to get shirts this year we signed up at least two weeks prior so they both received a shirt. They ran the heat together and mostly stayed with each other. They waited for each other after the obstacles and then at the end, Job grabbed a big handful of soap suds and smeared it in Lona's face. What a brother. They saw some kids and adults that they knew.  Job's bus driver was there on his Segway and was gracious enough to let both Job and Lona try it out.  So very kind.

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