By Leslie Parks - Thursday, August 28, 2014

My husband likes blackberry pie. He's also a plant guy. He notices when the wild blackberries start to ripen and he starts hinting about blackberry pie and cobbler. "Do you want me to pick you some blackberries?" "The blackberries are turning." It's just his thing and it's one of the endearing qualities of his. The other day he took the boys blackberry picking and Lona jumped on her bike to find them. She was missing out. They had gone to a different spot than I thought so she never did find them. Later I took Job and Lona blackberry picking. I needed blackberries for pies at church. Job was more interested in exploring the area than picking and Lona wandered all over picking just the best berries. Earlier this week John asked me to make blackberry pie for work. He had scheduled a time for the people he works with to eat lunch together and he would bring dessert. So Monday I made pie crust.  Deb at SmittenKitchen has the best pie crust recipe. It calls for using very cold butter but I keep mine in the freezer and take it out as I'm getting out ingredients to make the crust. If I'm in a hurry I'll buy store bought crust but this recipe is the best, flaky and buttery and everything a pie crust should be. She's also a great photographer which is how I stumbled onto her blog in the first place. If it doesn't look yummy and make you want to eat then I don't want to cook it.  I'm sure there are a lot of recipes out there that are delicious but the photos don't do them justice. I eat first with my eyes. I am very visual so food has to appeal to my sense of sight as well as my sense of taste and sense of smell. Then for the filling part I searched Pinterest and found two blogs that I combined the recipes to make the filling. Both of these sites princesstofu and CallMeCupcake have beautiful photos that made me want to try their pie fillings. So last night John and Lona went out to pick blackberries. They came home about a half hour later with over a gallon of blackberries for me to wash and make into galettes. I love calling my pies galettes because I suck at making pretty pie crust edges and with a galette, all I have to do is fold my pie crust over the filling, brush with an egg wash and sprinkle some sugar on it. It then becomes a beautiful rustic galette instead. It makes me think of the ugly duckling story.

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