Fair Pacific Coast Style

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, August 17, 2014

I wasn't even going to go to the fair this year.  I bought tickets in advance but when the week came down to it, I really was going to just bag it.  The fair is expensive.  I often just wander around holding everyone's stuff and we come home and I feel 20 pounds heavier because of all the crap I ate.  I love eating that stuff but regret it later.  Each year I tell the kids that we aren't going the next year and each year we go.  A trend.  This year though I really didn't see a good time to go.  Mondays are for cleaning and I am desperate to have my house clean once a week.  I just know I feel better if I start my week out with a clean house.  I'm less wacky.  Tuesdays and Thursdays Lona had soccer practice and so we would have needed to leave around 3:30.  Wednesdays Job and Isaac ref soccer.  That left Friday but both Job and Isaac had a referee job in the next county for the afternoon and evening.  Saturday was the Muds to Suds race so when was there time at the fair.  We could have Monday but that was also the hottest day of the week and can you imagine toting everything and standing in lines on the hottest day and a mom that is a little wacky?  We prefer sanity.  Isaac went Tuesday with some friends and came home late.  A friend talked me into going on Wednesday but when I looked out Wednesday morning and saw it pouring rain, I thought really want to skip it this year.  By 11 am it cleared and actually was the perfect day at the fair. Normaly that fair is hot weather and sunny but here we bring towels to wipe off the seats of the rides.  That is just Pacific Coast Style.  6pm and we were 30 minutes away in another town!  He arrived with 2 minutes to spare.  Phew.  The food that  is a must at the fair is a Moowhich, a coffee, and pot stickers.  The 1 pound of curly fries are great but the pot stickers are the best.  The kids mostly rode on the little kid rides and loved it and I was able to catch up and visit with my friend while we waited on benches for the kids.  Lona went to the fair again on Friday with another friend of hers and had a wonderful time.  In fact that's all she talked about for the next two hours.  Apparently her friend's older sister went on many of the rides with them and she thought that was great.

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