Collecting: Nooksack River

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, August 30, 2014

Little sticks and pieces of wood have been washed and sanded by the tumultuous waters of the river. However they started in the water they've ended smooth and shaped and perfect. Then they've washed up on the shore to wait for the waters to rise once more so they can travel the winding water ways again until they reach the ocean. I decided to take a breath again and go to the river specifically looking for these smoothly shaped bleached little sticks.  I brought three girls and a dog with me so that we could look for the ones that were shaped just right by the water.  See I have a plan.  I want to create these little sailboats with these girls. These boats that remind us this year that there will be rough waters and smooth calm seas but in every instance we are being shaped and sanded smooth by both the times that are  tumultuous and the quiet. I want to paint some scripture upon these boats that will remind us that God loves us as we are and he will shape and smooth our rough edges.  Our time at the river was full of goofing off, watching the dog splash through that cold water, and teasing each other.  It was a little breath, watching the girls connect.  Then we were on to the farm, to look at the animals and even though they are young women the playground still holds it's appeal to them. Watching them play, I was reminded how fleeting childhood actually is and I want them to hold on to it for as long as possible. Again the sailboats will teach as they remind.

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