Interurban Trail - Just the two of us

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, August 24, 2014

It seems like more and more as the kids are getting older we have more opportunities to be together.  I love it.  I mean I love the kids and miss them too.  Actually because they are still at home, I don't miss them when we have an afternoon or evening or both together. A few weeks ago John hurt his knee tubing on the lake so we haven't been able to hike or run together but we could go bike riding. We started at Arroyo Park, south Bellingham/Fairhaven and rode out to Larabee Park on the Interurban Trail.  I can kind of be a weenie on the bike and there is one hill that I've always walked the bike down and up it but for some reason this time I was able to conquer my fear of totally wiping out on gravel and I rode the whole thing including the scary hill. John just shakes his head and laughs at me but is so patient. He took Lona here a while back and they were the only ones at the look out spot.  This day we were not alone like we had wanted to be.  There were people everywhere wandering up and down the coast line.  Still beautiful though.  It's amazing to think that we've shared 19+ years together.  I met John 24 years ago this September, almost a quarter of a century ago. I'm looking forward to the adventures still yet to come.

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