I've discovered two great magazines through a third magazine.  They make me want to write, to leave a little bit of my soul upon the pages, to match my moods to my photos. Because of these magazines, I've worked hard to keep the house clean/picked up for 3 days! I know that I can relax when the house is quiet and clean. I know that I can breath when I feel like my work is done. I know that I need a few things in order to "breath". One is a clean house.  A messy house I think makes me feel almost claustrophobic.  Yes, like the walls are caving in around me, like I'm drowning, caught in a whirlpool. A clean house makes me feel at peace. I love the dishes done and a clean sink. I love the floors swept and the dinning room table ready for the next meal. I love the living room ready for me to kick off my shoes and snuggle up under a blanket with a good book. Another thing I need is a creative outlet. Whether that outlet is photography, knitting, scrapbooking, or reading something inspiring. I can't be creative with a messy house, I can't breath without some kind of creative project. These two things can spiral, one can lead to another, clean house = creativity and vice versa is true as well. Messy house = no creativity, no big breaths of relaxation. I am not a sit in the tub kind of gal. I don't like to sweat while sitting in water. I don't like having to dry my hands off to read. I don't like the water turning cold and feel like I need a shower because I was sweating and now am sitting in cold water.  I breath when I can create without pressure. So I've been scouring Pinterest for journaling prompts to add into our school days; not just for Lona but for myself as well. I need to write better and I want my soul to show in my writings. I want something more than frivolous writing about our days. We aren't perfect, our life isn't a Mayberry life and I sometimes think that is all I portray. I want to be real with myself and my family through this blog. So I am going to go through the magazine Bella Grace and soak in the photos, the writings, the lists and mark up the pages.  I even want to send in some submissions, I say that and I am scared but oh so excited.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Leslie! Can't wait to see what you do with this.

Can you tell me the names of the other magazines too?


Leslie Parks said...

Kristine, The Magazines are Artful Blogging, Bella Grace and Greencraft. They are all Somerset Studio publications. They just speak to me.