A plea: October

By Leslie Parks - Friday, October 17, 2014

Hello October,
You snuck in with teasingly warm weather but have turned abruptly to the winter grey drops from the skies. Your ground colors are bold, beautiful and vibrant yet you are moody and melancholy.  The yellow, oranges, reds and purples slowly turn to browns as your leaves lazily tumble from the trees or are whipped with the winds. Your tastes are of pumpkins, cinnamon rolls and pies but also of soups, stews and breads. Your smells are of chimney smoke, wet leaves and rain. I turn to sweaters and vests, knitted hats and gloves yet not the thick coats of the colder months. You invite me to walk your trails during the day and pause before the craziness of the next two months commences. At night I turn to warm knitted and quilted blankets with a cup of tea or coffee. You end your time here with Halloween and the little goblins at my door.  Yet, October I want more weeks from you now that I've adjusted to my schedule. The colors you give me as I turn onto my street and see the trees dressed and glowing make me smile every time. I will soak in your colors, textures, tastes and smells for the rest of the time you give me.

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