A revelation

It pulls at me, enticing me with beautiful photography and a clean look. Little sketch journals with watercolored pictures invite me to spend time looking while sipping a cup of coffee. The sketches and colors tease me to pick up a pen and brush  but an artist I am not. Hence the reasons I take photographs. I envision the soul cleansing words and so wanting to do the same. My soul laid bare upon a white page can not be if I have yet to find it.  I am often stuck for words wanting something deep and intimate to resonate with my inner most being but have nothing. The mundane chores of dishes, picking up, sweeping, and clean toilets suck me down into what I think is a creative rut. Yet there is a kind of poetry in the mundane. It's the crumbs on the counter, the shoes in the hallway, the dried grass on the floors, the blankets strewn across the couch which testifies of the life that is daily lived here. I then realize the love that I pour out to my family by doing the mundane can be beautiful and creative. So I take time to photograph what is beautiful to me and blog. It is my soul that I am pouring out I just didn't know it.

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