Tennis and a story

By Leslie Parks - Friday, October 10, 2014

It's almost 4:00 and I'm running out the door again. The oldest man cub has told me that his match should be around 4:00 or so on the home court. I made a commitment to go to as many home matches as I can but I'm not going to any away matches.  Two kids, two different after school sports, both have matches or games on the same days.  Just can't be at two different places at once. So now I'm running out the door to try to make it to his tennis match.  He is playing varsity this season which is a step up from JV but he's exhibition only so his matches don't count towards team points.  He is having fun but I often times shake my head when I watch him. I've seen him use his racket as a guitar after scoring a point, I've seen him do this funky little racket tap with his partner. I've also seen him get angry with himself for making dumb mistakes.  Generally he's not too serious and has lost more than he's won.  I usually bring some kind of knitting project since there isn't a set time for his match. I wait and knit and occasionally look up to watch the ball go back and forth. Once it's his turn I set down my knitting and pick up my camera. I perch upon a small rock wall and shoot through the chain link fence.  I have my zoom lens and if I place the lens right up against the fence I can shoot through the fence without the links showing.  It's a trick I learned a long time ago which serves me well with tennis. I decide to shoot with my wide angle, I want the blue sky and all of the courts and the background and the fence so I switch lenses.  I take a couple of shots.  I like what I'm seeing but I need to scoot over a couple of inches.  Remember I'm on a small rock wall.  I place my hand down intending to put weight on it so that I can scoot except that there isn't ground there but air. In slow motion I go butt over tea kettle and land on my elbow trying to protect my camera.  I have a bruised ego and a skinned elbow to show for it. Laughingly I get up and try it again, only this time remembering that I'm on a small rock wall.

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