A shock

Every once in a while my kids say something that totally floors me. Some of the things I have heard are:
Spankings are not an option for me (from a three year old)
My peas are messed up (from a crying 5 year old)
I can't hit Isaac (from a 6 year old after the slugbug game was suspended and then we turned into a VW lot)
However this one was recent.  We were all sitting around the dinner table eating which is rare during soccer season.  Isaac is on my right and Job at the end of the table on my left.  I'm looking at Isaac and I notice the long peach fuzz hairs on his chin.  I'm thinking that with his scraggly long hair and a few long chin hairs highlighted by the light, he is reminding me of Shaggy on Scooby Doo.  I study him before I ask, "You know who you remind me off, Isaac?
"Asshole" responds a voice from my left.
I am sure my eyes turned as big as saucer plates and I whip my head  around to the child who just spoke. I couldn't possibly have heard it correctly.
"Major Asshole" Job says.  I look across the table at John and he has his head turned away tucked down and is trying hard not to laugh. I think I sat there for a couple of minutes in absolute shock trying to process what I just heard from Job. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. How he came up with that so fast I have no idea.
"You know from Spaceballs"  I lose it. My eyes tear up and I burst out laughing. Darn that show. Who's ideas was it to let them watch that show?

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