An experiement

When the kids were younger and all at home for school I never did science.  Gasp, I know it was required.  I just felt that they were better served doing impromptu science experiments rather than a set curriculum.  I wanted them to enjoy science and get excited about it rather than the rote memorization of facts.  The boys have since gone to school and had regular science in school.  Isaac says that he wishes that he had learned something at home, he felt left behind.  However his grades didn't reflect that and neither does Job's grades.  I did however buy lots of science experiment books and encouraged them to do science experiments whenever they wanted to and figured they learned just as much doing as reading.  They would do everything all over again in middle school and high school only in depth so I didn't bother too much.  Lona, who is doing middle school at home, has a set science curriculum.  The curriculum is reading base with no experiements. If she wants to learn more she gets onto the internet and searches the subject. Last year she learned a little bit about tornadoes and hurricanes.  She looked at photos and searched the areas that those most occur at. This year she is learning about atoms and chemistry.  The other day before church she started blowing bubbles using dish soap.  She learned it from one of her dear friends and pretty soon Job was in on it too.  She casually asked about the chemical formula for soap. I have no idea but John reached back into his memory banks and pulled that out. Since we had studied a little of the periodic table of elements she had an inkling of what he was talking about. Job is frustrated that he has to learn about science at school. When he found out she was learning some chemistry and all about atoms he was upset. "This is why I want to do school at home" was Job's statement.  You can learn so much with bubbles and not even realizing it.

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