By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We've attended Grace Church Bellingham since it started about 3 years ago.  In that time we've had two children baptized.  Isaac was one of the first person to be baptized in the church.  I was so excited and happy for him.  Then last August after months of pestering Lona was baptized.  We only had Job.  After our trip to Cannon Beach, Job decided that he wanted to be baptized.  I was thrilled. He said he was ready.  I made an appointment to talk to our Pastor and bright and early he walked into our church.  I waited in the lobby.  It's important that he is able to explain what baptism is about and what it means to him.  I really want my kids to own their faith, to understand the importance of baptism.  Pastor Dax said it is for them to look back upon and say yes, I have assurance."  It is more of a rock, a remembrance for them. 

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