Skim Boarding and Boogie Boarding

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A couple of years ago we discovered skim boarding and bought one.  We hauled that skim board out to the sandy beach and Job hopped on it like he has been riding it every day. He quickly got the hang of riding it and started doing 360s on it.  I saw some people taking videos of him.  We've seen some amazing videos on YouTube of skim boarders and he actually has a ways to go but for the amount of time he's on it, he's not bad.  We use it a couple of times a year and only at Cannon Beach.  Then last year we discovered boogie boarding and loved that too.  This year we brought all of our wet suits but it was still too cold for Job.  His little body just can't stand it.  He would wade into the water and wade out.  He tried standing waist deep but was crying because it hurt so bad.  He just doesn't have any insulation on that body.  I made him get out and do something else.  He looked at me and said, "I don't understand why you don't want me to have fun."  Being in pain doesn't sound like fun to me so yes, I made him do something that he likes better.  (Rolling my eyes - I just don't get it)  He's much happier to skim board where he can wear his water shoes and stay in the shallow warmer water for long periods of time.  Lona on the other hand just loves to boogie board.  She can stay out in that water with her little shorty and wait for the waves.  She'll catch one and ride it all the way to shore, laughing and screaming the whole way.  She loved having someone go with her but would be out there by herself if no one else was willing.  Isaac did for a while but soon needed to warm up and the same went for me.  Of course I tend to swallow a lot of ocean water and just am not as graceful as she is.  Next year, hopefully it'll be warmer and we'll bring the booties for Isaac and see what we can do for Job.  Of course it would help if it was sunny and over 70 degrees.

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