By Leslie Parks - Thursday, August 29, 2013

I like making things.  I like them to be beautiful.  I have ideas in my head but trying them out and having them actually look like I envision them are two different things.  My ideas don't always transfer to reality.  It can be frustrating.  Often I don't know how to go from idea to finished product.  My photography is the same thing.  I have ideas in my head that I can't quite pull off.  I often think that I'm missing something.  Grrrrrr.  I feel like I'm hitting my head against a wall and it's not breaking through.  Creating and photographing jam and their labels.  Cookies with milk, scrapbooking projects.  I'm close but not quite there.  I know what I like just can't translate it.  With the jam, I had one idea, tried it , didn't like it.  Tried a different idea, didn't like.  A third, getting closer. I will find or make the label that I like.  I will find how to stylize the finished product and take pretty photos that I would want to frame or make post cards with or even make my own little cookbook for me with pretty photos and beautiful font.  The cookies, the banana bread, even crab wontons.  I see the photos, but again they aren't quite there.  I may have to eat a lot of cookies before I get it right.  It's not the kitchen, it's not the color, it's not the camera, it's me.  This is myself critiquing myself, comparing, and trying to work things out from my head.  Sometimes I say, who am I kidding there is no way, but I know there is.  I have great light, just figuring out how to use it.  Wanting to use real food, not fillers. It can work, just have to figure it out. 

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