Tillamook Air Museum

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, August 11, 2013

I have to confess, I was not thrilled to go back to the museum.  We've already done this twice, and I'm not too interested in vintage planes.  We had put off making any kind of decision on what we were doing that day so this was our back up plan.  We've already made up our minds what we are doing next year on Wednesday of our Cannon Beach week.  We are going to the air museum in McMillville.  They have the original Spruce Goose.  It's an all wood plane built during World War II.  I hear it is an outstanding museum.  Yes, another plane museum but one that we haven't gone to. 
It will be good.
Every time we go to the Tillamook Air Museum, I am impressed with the size of the structure.  That in itself it worth seeing.  It is the last all wood blimp hanger in the US.  It could house 8 blimps at one time.  Very impressive.  Some of the planes in there are being stored there by their owners and are taken out for air shows.  Other planes are on loan from our military.  Of course they haven't been used for years, lots of years.  The big draw for our family is the P38 Lightening.  The only plane to have two fuselages.  Job  can get tunnel vision with ideas and on this trip it was wanting to build a gyrocopter, otherwise known as a gyroplane.  It is the precursor to helicopters.  The big difference is that there isn't a motor that drives the top rotary blades.  Those are powered by the contraption moving forward and it provides lift.  The engine powers blades behind the seat and moves the contraption forward.  What that means is if the engine for some reason quits, it doesn't just drop to the ground, the top blades keep spinning and you drift to the ground instead.  After seeing this, Job immediately upon returning to our room started his research.  I wonder if this is going to be a science project.  Can he make one out of Legos?  You never know what is going to spark his interest.
On the way back to Cannon Beach we stopped at this little antique store called the Little White Church Antiques.  So very cute.  If we head back that way, I'm stopping again. 

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