Mud to Suds

By Leslie Parks - Monday, August 26, 2013

Lona had asked me while taking a friend home if she could do Mud to Suds run.  She pushed, wanting why she couldn't, what we had going on that would keep her from competing.  I hate being forced to make on the spot decision.  My answer will always be no.  I can't just think of what is going on while driving all the time.  When I don't have information that I can't make an informed decision.  When I feel pushed, I will push back.  So my answer to Lona was NO.  However, she found out more information, watched a friend compete the day before and offered to pay for it herself.  John really didn't see the point of the whole thing.  Really, crawl through many mud pits? Climb over things? Immerse yourself in a muddy ice bath?  Does that really sound like fun?  He wasn't impressed with the whole thing.  He was impressed with how important it was to her.  She paid for it herself.  $25 isn't a small deal, its two lawn days of work.  We arrived, signed her up, and turned in the waiver of responsibility.  Her friends were there and they lined up at the start.  1:15 and they were off and running.  I tried to get her in the first mud pit but never saw her go through.  I did see her at the end though with a huge smile as she ran through the container box of suds.  Out of the box, through the trees criss-crossed with rope and to the finish line to ring the bell.  She loved it and earned a hot dog and root beer float at the end, (it was part of the entry fee).  John at first wanted to usher her home, but she needed some time at the race to just be happy.  Later on John was saying how proud he was for her.  Not that she finished or anything like that, but that she decided on something she wanted, she went after it and made it happen.  There are a lot of things that need someone who can make things happen.  Hopefully she learned a lesson on just that.

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