By Leslie Parks - Thursday, August 15, 2013

It doesn't happen every year. Probably every other year I get excited for canning.  This year I realized I had about 8 gallons of blueberries stored up in my  freezer from the last few years. I think I picked about 3 gallons just this year. My favorite book for canning recipes and special cookies  is called  "Food for Friends". Unfortunately it's out of print.  One of the recipes is called blueberry raspberry jam. It has always gotten rave reviews from my kids. Some of the recipes they have liked some of the recipes they didn't like. The lemon plum jam they didn't like so much. However that kind of jam I mix with chili sauce and use it to make sweet-and-sour meatballs.  Since I have so many blueberries right now I have found a couple of  recipes I want to try. One of them is blueberries in a vanilla syrup.  Another recipe is a blueberry jam with cinnamon and nutmeg, kind of a spiced jam. And then of course there's blueberry pie filling that drizzled over a cheesecake which is absolutely delicious. Another thing that I'm working on is finding cute labels to put on my jars.  So often I just write on the lid but I'm drawn to labels that I see on pinterest.  I found a couple of free ones that I could download and customize with my own words.  If I'm going to give them as gifts I really want it to look pretty.  I never get around to doing anything pretty later on so I have to do it now.  These ones may be my favorite.  If it says French I'll pretty much like it.

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