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By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This year the plan is for both boys to attend public school full time.  Job will be starting middle school and we are so excited for him.  I think that it is going to be very challenging.  He has been accepted in the harder classes so we'll have to see how that all shakes out.  Isaac is taking two science classes this year but no AP courses.  I'm a little bummed about that but expect a 4.0 from him.  Lona will still be at home but here is the part that is different.  She is taking two classes online from the K12 school.  This school is a private online school that Washington has contracted with to provide education to homeschoolers.  We don't have to pay any tuition and it's accredited.  We did however have to send a mountain of paperwork, such as immunization records, and custodial papers.  We are not a split family, but whatever.  We received her books by UPS just the other day and it was heavy.  She's taking English and Science from them.  This is just a little test to see if we want to do this full time next year.  The curriculum was packaged in two boxes, one for each subject.  In the English/Literature box we received the teacher manuals and student worksheets along with an audio CD that corresponds with a book on classic stories.  There are even three stories from the Bible in there.  Surprised but pleased.  Two novels: Tom Sawyer and the Secret Garden, a story by Shakespeare and some other little pamphlet type stories.  She also has an English grammar book and a vocabulary book.  I think I might learn something.  For science she received the teacher manuals and student workbooks, some large wall maps, a box of rocks - labeled, a bunch of bags of sand, coarse gravel, one white tile, modeling clay, thermometer, magnifying glass, pipe cleaners, diffraction grating film, centimeter gram cubes, safety glasses, a large plastic test tube, and a magnifying glass.  Job took one look at the science materials and started whining about wanting to be homeschooled.  "I never asked to go to public school."  That is true but he needs to be public schooled for many reasons.  I may be a little overwhelmed right now with her school stuff.  I'm just not sure how it will fit into what we are already doing or how long it will take.  I have to enter attendance, and am hoping Lona can do that while I'm gone.  She has to speak to a teacher each week, when does that happen?  What about the online class participation? How much am I actually going to have to do? They have suggestions and examples but until we start and really get into it I won't be able to get a good feel as to how it will all fall into place.

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