Dance Camp

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lona is our first child to attend any kind of camp.  She wanted to go last year but we weren't ready and were too busy anyway.  This year, I had cut out all of our soccer camps, swim lessons and piano lessons.  We thought about it, prayed about it and decided that it would be ok. The fact that I had heard they did Bible study and encouraged girls in their walk was a big plus for me.  I really wanted a positive experience with a great message.  I remember that I went to camp for a couple of years.  I loved it.  We sang songs around a camp fire, had bible studies but after camp that was it.  These counselors have on going relationships with the girls throughout the year.  They often times are teaching assistants or the teachers themselves of the girls in the various dance classes.  For that I'm glad.  They are role models in an activity that often has not good connotations to it, such as thinness and looks.

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