Country Fair Carnival

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, August 10, 2013

So every week the conference puts on a 1 hour carnival.  Tickets are $10 for 20 or something like
that.  Each activity costs 1 ticket.  Last year Lona couldn't go because she was sick and the year before that she couldn't go because of something else, I can't remember so it was a big deal for her this year.  I bought our 20 tickets and split them up between the kids and as soon as it started they were off in different directions. I brought my camera with me but how do take photos of your kids when you can't find them.  I gave up on it.  I finally found Isaac and we did an obstacle course together.  I handed John the camera so that I could "compete" with Isaac.  There really is no competition.  He's 15!  I'm 40!  There is no way I could ever keep up so I did what any self respecting competitive mother of a teenager would do.  I cheated and cheated bad.  I shoved and pulled and yanked my way to the other end of the obstacle course.  It was so much fun that he did it with me again and I cheated again.  Then I found Job and asked him if he wanted a go too.  I let him know that I was going to cheat but he would wait for me so that I could cheat.  I have even less of a chance to win with Job.  He could practically run through the obstacle course, I had to climb over things or crawl under them but Job was the perfect height and weight for it.  It was fun but exhausting.  I'm not 20 or even 30 anymore and it felt like it.

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