Bathroom Remodel

I have this idea in my head of how I want to my house to look.  I've said before that I like the layout of the house, I like the bones of the house.  I just want to change the feel of the house.  I love the Potterybarn look.  I like traditional/classic styles.  But my house was built by men and because of that, it has no style except spec home grade style.  I've been working towards a certain style but I don't always know who to make the correct choices to get me going in that direction.  For Christmas John bought me a new faucet for the downstairs bathroom.  It was to replace the ugly gold and silver showy faucet.  In order to replace the faucet though, we had to take the sink off the wall so that we could replace the drank plug because it used a different system for the drain.  We pretty much ripped the sink off the wall, which meant that we needed to patch and repaint the bathroom.  Since we were repainting the bathroom we might as well take the tank off the toilet so we could paint behind the toilet. Since we needed to buy new parts to put the tank back on the toilet we might as well replace the toilet handle.  While getting a new toilet handle John thought we should just replace the sink at the same time.  It was off the wall and had a crack in the basin so this was the perfect time to replace that as well.  It really reminded me of the book; If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
It took about two days but the downstairs bathroom is done.  I've ordered some of my photos for the wall and am looking through the rest of the photos for more to put in there.  Then I have decided to replace the light switches and the door handle as well.  That is next month.  However I have to say that I am excited the way it turned out. I've ordered three photos to go in this frame by the sink. I am also perusing my other photos to place over the toilet and on the opposite wall with an adventure spirit in them.  It's exactly the feel that I have wanted for my house.  Now I just have to figure out how to carry that feel onto the rest of the house.

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