Christmas Yumminess

I am sure that yumminess is not a word but there are so many treats and goodies around at Christmas time.  It is hard on my waist line.  This year I've tried a new recipe that is a keeper.  Actually we can't keep it around at all.  It disappears and no one will admit that they eat it.  I have always wanted to make this but didn't realize that it was easy.  Thank you Tara for this delicious and can't keep it around yumminess.  Almond Roca is my new favorite treat.  I'm
going to have to only have it at Christmas because I have no will power around it.  I'm given it a place in my recipe book; it made the cut.  Only certain recipes that we truly love and have often get a place in the book. 
We made other treats as well.  Thanks to pinterest, we made reindeer cookies with chocolate covered pretzels and m&ms. Spiced candied nuts and sausage stuffed mushrooms also have graced our tummies this holiday season.  It also can't be Christmas without candy canes.  Shhh, don't tell but one of our advent activities is to eat candy canes.  I placed them in a jar and put them on the table so that they tempt us at each meal.  The last thing on our list of holiday foods is eggnog.  We would buy it by the gallon if we could.  It helps Job gain weight, we go through a gallon every 4 days or so.  The only problem with it is that as soon as Christmas time is over, they remove all the eggnog from the store and he goes right back to his original weight.

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Rambling Tart said...

So much deliciousness! I haven't done a single bit of Christmas baking yet. Hopefully next week with the arrival of our Summer Holidays. :-)