Grandpa Parks and Karaoke

It's not often that John's Dad calls us asking if he can come up.  So when he does we clear our schedule as much as we can.  He arrived Saturday while Lona and I were at her dance rehearsal.  We walked in the house to hear him on his new toy: a karaoke machine.  Isaac about died.  He is not into singing, especially into a microphone.  John made lunch as we all hung out in the kitchen listening to John's Dad belt out tune after tune.  He isn't bad at all.  I never would have pegged him for a singer but ever since he crushed his arm between the cab and the arm of an excavator he's needed to find something to do. That was last year. John's Dad is this amazing work horse of a guy.  He is constantly working on his house or property.  I think it keeps him young.  Well, in shape at least.  Since he hasn't had full use of his arm and can't work like he wants he has turned that unused energy into singing and thought we would like to join the fun.  And join the fun we did.  We are terrible singers.  It is amazing how bad we are.  We can't hold a tune or be in tune to begin with, but without the pressure of others, it is fun.  Job arrived home later from a sleep over and as soon as he found out that there was a karaoke machine here, he was hamming it up.  He loved it.  Isaac on the other hand wouldn't touch it until the next day when we were totally alone.  How different these boys are.

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