Football Party

Isaac asked to have a football party and invite a bunch of his buddies over.  So after church we hauled a ton of boys over to our house to watch the Seahawks game. Before Lona and I headed out, John had sent the boys next door to the church to play their own game of football.  I walked over there to snap a few photos.  It was just a few photos too because my fingers were freezing after about 10 minutes. Then Lona and I took off to head over to a friend's house to watch the game before any more showed up.  I just couldn't stay at home with 7 boys ages 14 to 16.  I'm not sure that I'm going to survive this "I want to be an adult but still want to be a kid" stage.  Part of the deal of having his own party was that he needed to clean the house before and after the party.  He also had to plan all the food and then drive to get the food.  We would pay for it but we weren't going to be the staff.  I realize that there have been many times that I have had other families over and made the kids help clean the house, but the house needed cleaning because we have 3 kids and usually the families had/have kids as well. This party was really all about Isaac and his buddies, the rest of the family really didn't have a part in it.  Thankfully John was the parent to stick around and be the responsible one. 

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