James Street Estates

I get on pinterest and love looking at all the photos of Christmas lights and signs of Christmas.  I've been looking around our town and nothing says Christmas as much as James Street Estates.  This little modular home park is packed with lights and as Christmas gets closer and closer, more and more people take the drive through this neighborhood.  It's another traditional activity that I place in our advent calendar and I plan it for a night that we are already going to be in Bellingham.  This year since it was so early in the season, there weren't many cars.  In fact besides us there were only two others to cruise through the neighborhood.  Isaac drove which was another first and I sat in the passenger seat so I could take photos.  I occasionally had him stop so I could get out to take photos and walk a little ways while he drove behind me.  I occasionally had the thought that I was going to be run over.  Last year they complained while we did this, this year they stuck their heads out the window and where generally a little goofy.  Isaac was just happy to drive plus there was ice on the road and he was testing the brakes and the gas in this little neighborhood.  You can't slip on ice when your top speed is 5 mph. 

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