Nativity Ballet

Yes, it's that time.  Lona is a dancer in the ballet this year, that's her title.  She has been a star and an angel previous years.  This year, her dance is at the very end; the absolute last dance.  She is so excited.  We get teary eyed watching her.  I wish I had been as graceful as she is when I was her age.  I wasn't graceful at all.  I didn't have any sense of style and well truthfully very awkward towards other people and myself.  That was the whole purpose of putting her in dance in the first place to help her develop poise and grace. Looking at the photos, I think it has worked. In the years past, her dances have lasted less than a minute but this one is around 4 minutes.  We spent the evening Thursday at the theater for a run through.  In between the finale practice and her dance we had an hour so what better way to kill time than to go to the sweet shop.  We went with another gal and her mom and it was great.  I had a gift certificate and which covered everyone's goodies.  Then back to the theater for a couple of rehearsal dances and we called it a night.  Looking forward to the two nights of performances.

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