By Leslie Parks - Thursday, December 26, 2013

This summer while at Cannon Beach, I scooped up some sand into a container with the sole intention of using it to make ornaments.  I have been saving it for about six months wanting to use it just for this activity.  Finally there was enough time to make ornaments with the kids.  So I placed the ornaments out, the hot glue, the sand, and other assortments of things to go into an ornament.  Lona filled the ornament with sand, placed a sand dollar inside, and then proceeded to decorate the outside with glittered pine cones, and a tag that says Cannon Beach.  She's all crafty girl.  Job on the other hand, wanted to use this glittered snow instead of sand, then wanted to hot glue this plastic branch to the bottom with snow around.  He placed the snow inside and then decided he needed the snow out.  Then decided that the branch was too long and cut but then it was too short.  He needed another branch.  Placing hot glue at the end of the branch and slipping it into the ornament without getting glue all over the place and before it dried was a challenge.  Finally he did it and placed the snow back into the ornament.  We took photos of the finished product and slipped it on the tree.  About an hour later John came home and Job ran to get his ornament that he worked hard on.  He pulled it off the tree and it slipped out of his hand shattering on the floor.  All his hard work into pieces at his feet.  We made another but it wasn't the same.  I love his sensitive heart.  It gives him a gentle and quiet spirit.  Again Isaac didn't participate.  I do miss him involved and I think that he will regret this decision.  It is just an age but will pass.

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