By Leslie Parks - Saturday, December 07, 2013

It can be an adventure taking three kids to the mall so they can go Christmas shopping for each other.  This year was easier because they all had jobs and earned enough money to actually buy something that isn't going to break within five minutes.  I had planned to go after dinner but Isaac reminded me of chess club.  Can't miss that.  So we headed out right after school for the mall, Isaac driving.  We started off at the food court and then split up.  They went in teams.  First Job and Lona shopped for Isaac while Isaac ate French fries at the food court.  After 20 minutes they returned and Isaac and Lona headed off together while Job ate a pretzel.  Finally Isaac and Job headed off to shop for Lona.  They returned with nothing.  What they found was too big to haul out without Lona knowing.  So we need to head out there another day.  I was hoping to get it all taken care of at once but I can't discourage creativity or thoughtfulness. 

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